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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Yesterday I had a crap run. I was so pumped up from signing up for the Terry Fox Run and I got out there and my legs felt like lead and brain wouldn’t push them. I got through it but I took more walk breaks than I was supposed to and felt awful and disappointed with myself when I got home. Today I needed a redo and a little change of scenery…. Read More

Today a friend invited me on Facebook to the Terry Fox Run. I looked at my calendar secretly hoping that I was working that day. It’s in between my days and nights, so I have the whole day off. SHIT! So I signed up. This is actually a great first event for me. It’s not really a race but a running fundraiser for the Terry Fox Foundation. For my American friends Terry… Read More

Triumph! I ran 5.74k today! It was really a bit more but as you can see from my run map I forgot to turn on my gps for the first bit. It was week 4 day 1 of C25K and I had two 3 minute run segments and two 5 minute ones. Last week the max was 3 minutes so I was a little nervous for the fivers. I was running with… Read More

A post run drink for two. Dogs love running. Love it! Why is it the best thing ever for them? It’s one of the pinnacles of their lives, along with finally catching that squirrel that’s been teasing them all summer, chewing bones and sleeping. I wish I could just naturally love it like they do. I also wish I had four legs. Then maybe I could spread the tired out a little more… Read More

Today I posted a link to my blog on my personal Facebook page. The response from my friends has been overwhelming. People I love are reading, laughing, and encouraging me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am fairly private on social media in general. I don’t post on Facebook much and I only have friends that I know in real life and really like. I was nervous to post anything about… Read More

Our story begins on a typical August evening in the far north of Canada when a prince sometimes called Svelte declared to his princess that her laundry was getting out of control… again. It was impossible to disagree with him, it was indeed out of countrol. A veritable mountain of laundry had grown while he was away on his business trip to take over his own laundry bin. This is the only… Read More

Here is my route today       Thanks Fitbit Surge watch for that awesome map! You’ll notice I’ve blurred out the street names so you can’t come a murder me in my sleep… although I’m sure if you were intent on murdering me you could figure it out by the shape of the roads. Just to remind you, I have a huge German Shepherd who is really mean and not silly at… Read More

Svelte came home from his business trip a few days ago with a Fitbit surprise for me!    He brought me a Surge! I’ve only been wearing it for three days but so far I love it! It’s a gps running watch with heartrate monitor on it (no chest strap required!) and step/calorie counter. There’s more it can do but those are the things I really wanted it for and I can’t… Read More