My Traitorous Brain

I was on my way home from work tonight planning on taking a walk with my dogs when I got home when my brain turned traitor.

I had it all planned out. Ate a late afternoon snack at work so I was not starving when I got home, planned to change into walking gear and get out as soon as I got home. 

Then my brain said “you know, it’s the first sunny day in weeks and you were stuck at work all day. It was a long one. I bet a rum and coke on the deck in the sun when you get home would just hit the spot!”

“No no brain”, said I, “I have a plan”.

“‘And it is a GREAT plan”, said the traitor. “You know what a BETTER plan would be though? Sunshine and booze.”

I thought that did sound pretty nice. But NO! Today is a new day and I will get out there and walk. No more excuses. 

“You know…” said brain, “your dogs are probably pretty hungry and would really rather have dinner first and have a bit of time to digest before that walk.”

That was a good point. But they can deal with it. Dogs like nothing better than a walk, even food doesn’t come close. 

“Think about an ice cold rum and coke and the beautiful sun on your face. You haven’t felt that in weeks and you were stuck inside ALL DAY.”

The argument continued thusly throughout the drive home. 

So did I persevere? Did I throw away the excuses and triumph? Am I writing this while I glory in the righteousness of sticking to my plan?

Nope. I’m sitting in the sun with a delicious beverage while my dogs digest their dinner. BUT I’m telling on myself here and that walk is happening tonight just a little later than planned. 

Thought you might enjoys the lols…

Edit 2 hours later: not only did I walk, but I did my very first couch to 5k RUN (slow jog like stumble thing, but I’m gonna call it running)! Bam. Take that brain!

One thought on “My Traitorous Brain”

  1. Everyone starts somewhere! Congrats on your first run! your post reminds me of the Oatmeal’s comic about running (the blerch) We all have those moments, good job on turning those around.


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