The Facebook Post Explosion

Today I posted a link to my blog on my personal Facebook page. The response from my friends has been overwhelming. People I love are reading, laughing, and encouraging me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I am fairly private on social media in general. I don’t post on Facebook much and I only have friends that I know in real life and really like. I was nervous to post anything about this thing I’m doing because I really started this blog for me. I wanted to be able to look back and remember what I’ve done and how far I’ve come when I get there, the finish line. I gave the link to my friends and family on the crew but that was it. Then real humans that I don’t know started reading it, Britt having the distinction of being my first follower and blog kindred spirit. I realized that people I know might be interested too.

The shame I will feel if I fail now so publicly is probably not the best motivator to choose for myself but I have to say that so far it has worked even with just my close friends and strangers reading. For now, I’ll take it. Anything that keeps up my motivation during these first few weeks is ok with me.

5-3-1st Goals

I read a blog today on My Fitness Pal that talks about setting goals and using tracked data from fitness trackers like fitbit to meet them.

Coach Stevo says:

The tool I use for this with clients is called, “5-3-1st,” and it’s pretty simple.

  • List your top 5 health and fitness goals.
  • Of those, what are your top 3?
  • Of those, what is the first goal you would like to achieve?

He suggest you determine the first goal you want to achieve and then tackle them one a time. This seems like good sense to me. I am a little overwhelmed with what I want to achieve and how public it is now… so simplifying to one thing to achieve right now seems like a great idea. I’m going to skip straight to step 2 and go with three goals.

My top 3  health and fitness goals are:

  1. Run a half marathon – the Disney Princess half in 2017 to be specific – and finish without being pulled off the course for being too slow
  2. Lose 100 lbs
  3. Quit smoking (yes I am a dirty, dirty smoker. My friends are on this thing now and they all know, so the jig is up and I must confess)

This is where the difficulty comes in for me. The one I want the most is the Disney half marathon. Even if I only lost 50 or 70 lbs I want to do this thing. Also I think that the running (and of course eating mindfully) will result in the weight loss. I want to focus on the training rather than the losing and hopefully one will lead to the other. Smoking is something I will tackle in another post, too much to say about that one.

So if my main goal is to finish this thing I need to break it down into manageable pieces. Right now step one is the couch to 5k I’m working on now. I was reading another article that said a solid  base is essential to eventual distance running. So I’m at the base of the pyramid, building the foundation. It feels so slow but I can see progress at the same time. I can already trot up the stairs without being out of breath! The small victories are important.

I know that I have no real pictures of me on my blog. I haven’t put anything up yet for two reasons.

  1. I know what I look like and didn’t expect the response I’ve received so at first it didn’t seem necessary.
  2. I’m super ashamed of how I look in pictures and am terrified of having them taken.

I was thinking today that my friends see me in real life all the time and I’m not ashamed of that (well not as much as pictures). And my friends obviously know what I look like and like me anyway. 

I want to truly document this journey, photos and all. So photos are coming in the near future and all the way along the road.

Not so much hilarity in this post but I’ve been feeling a bit emotional due to the response from my friends today. As of now I’ve have 209 views just today and I only have about 100 Facebook friends. In the 3 short weeks that I’ve been blogging I’ve had a total of 190 visitors before today, so today is a big day 🙂

Thank you again and again for reading this.

I have a run tomorrow and I’m sure something stupid will happen that will make you laugh again. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “The Facebook Post Explosion”

  1. Aww girl, I am happy to have the honor of being your first follower. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every post. I truly believe you can and will achieve all of your goals. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you. It takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to others like you do on here. Don’t for a second feel ashamed of yourself, even just about looks, everyone starts somewhere and you are a beautiful person!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well let me first say how proud I am of you. Second your journey reminds me of my journey and today I’ve done a lot of reflecting. So thank you for that. And third be proud of every step you take. Remember there will be set backs but it’s how you handle them that count. And always always remember you are beautiful and loved. I’m looking forward to your next blog xo


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