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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Vacation is on the horizon and I am so excited! The internet tells me this photo is of Myrtle Beach… I hope it’s not lying. Later this week we are headed to sunny South Carolina to see our friends Prince BumKnee and Princess KarateNinja (better known as Andy and Heather). We will spend some time at their place and then on to Myrtle Beach! I’ve searched the archives and even though they are… Read More

This monster was delivered yesterday. The annual fall wood pile. Cameron stacks it by himself every year. After all, wood is a man’s job generally, right? 😉 So today I thought I’d surprise him by stacking it all for him while he was at work. It turned into more of a battle than I expected and there was definitely a winner and a loser. I took the dogs for a walk at 11:30… Read More

This post is a day late but not a dollar short! Yesterday the Terry Fox Run was my first official event. I reached my goal to raise $100 for the Terry Fox Foundation thanks to my generous donors: Sue and Phillip, Andy and Heather, and the King and Queen. Thank you all so much! It was a beautiful fall day and about 300 people ran or walked with many others there to… Read More

What is a salad station you ask? Well a few years ago in a salad phase I either saw it somewhere or invented it, I can’t remember. Lets say I invented it. I like convenience (who doesn’t?) and I will most often eat the convenient thing over the good thing, even if I like the good thing almost as much. So the salad station came to be. Behold the glory! Grab-able salad!… Read More

Can I walk today? YES! I can! I’m am sore but it’s a good, normal after workout sore. Not a – you may never walk again – sore. Win! I don’t have much else to say today so I have decided to wax lyrical about the joys of Body Glide. If you haven’t heard of it, this miracle product prevents the horrors of chafing while running or doing any exercise really. I… Read More

The view from the top. Today I headed back to the Black Street Stairs for another torture session. Our crew today consisted of Princess Earhandles (regretting her name a bit now but it’s not too late to change it!), Prince Handlebar, Princess CindyLouWho (a new and awesome addition), and James: Satan’s Minion. We started with chin-ups again and I swear it felt like I was able to let myself down slightly more slowly… Read More

They say it’s hurts more the second day. They are right. I now know why zombies walk the lurching way they do. Their calf muscles are incapable of moving. After the Black Street Stairs mine are fused in one position which does not allow for ankle movement, at all. If I go up on my toes my legs still shake uncontrollably, making stairs very difficult. Try to walk up or down stairs without… Read More

Engineered by Satan himself, these stairs take you from downtown Whitehorse up the hill to the airport fence… and also to hell. Last spring my crew at work began doing weekly workouts together. My friend / coworker / generally awesome person Alison (princess earhandles… I’m sick of blog nicknames) organized them and they turned out to be pretty fun. She has put together another set of workouts this fall and today was… Read More