The Zombie Walk

They say it’s hurts more the second day. They are right. I now know why zombies walk the lurching way they do. Their calf muscles are incapable of moving. After the Black Street Stairs mine are fused in one position which does not allow for ankle movement, at all. If I go up on my toes my legs still shake uncontrollably, making stairs very difficult. Try to walk up or down stairs without lifting your heel. Sucks.

I’ve been sore after workouts before. I’ve been very sore after workouts before. I have never been this sore after a workout before. I am zombie hobbling around my house. If I put my arms out in front of me and moaned you would think me undead. Actually the moaning is happening, so I only need the arms out. Except I can’t do that because they also hurt from my four “chin-ups”. James said we’d feel it later in our arms and sides and I scoffed internally. Maybe the other girls would feel it, but I basically did four jumps and tried to lower myself down slowly which accomplished absolutely nothing when I dropped like a rock. But apparently I was really trying hard, because they hurt.

Yesterday I got up in the morning and got out of bed, slowly. I made it to the bathroom but we have a larger than average step up in to our en suite. I managed to hobble up there. The problem was that eventually I had to get back down that step. I opened the door and stood there for at least a minute contemplating how to do this and do it quietly. Cam was still asleep in bed on the other side of the room. I looked for something to hold on to. There was nothing. I tried to grab the door jam but there isn’t really one because it’s a sliding barn style door in a log house. You can’t grab a huge log with short girl fingers. Eventually I found a piece of trim that I could get the ends of my fingers on… I gripped, I winced, I lowered one leg down to the ground with much shortness of breath and tachycardia. I got the other leg down with no tears… and heard a quiet chuckle from across the room. Cameron was watching me the whole time and trying not to laugh out loud! He told me it took about five minutes for me to get down the step and it was hilarious. He’s very proud of me for what I’m doing but it doesn’t stop him from enjoying the hilarity involved. I don’t mind, it is hilarious and I’d certainly be laughing at him if situations were reversed.

I had a run scheduled yesterday which I didn’t want to skip, but after about two hours of being awake my fit husband looked at me and said “maybe you should have a rest day.” I decided we should at least go for a walk. We packed up the dogs and headed to the research forest. It was a terrible idea. The dogs had ridiculous energy and Chinook almost pulled me over about six times. At first my calves loosened up a but but after about 2.5km I was in agony. My feet were flopping and I was staggering. I zombied back to the truck and we came home. I had a hot tub and after I felt much, much WORSE! Note: if Cameron says take a rest day, take a fricking rest day. Lesson learned.

This morning it was worse. Cam saw me come out of the bathroom again and noted that it was better than yesterday. What he didn’t know was that it was the second time I’d been in the bathroom that morning and I’d already had a hot tub while he slept in. The real first time today was as bad or worse than yesterday.

After 4 hot tubs yesterday and 2 today along with a couple of stretching and foam rolling sessions I’m finally starting to loosen up a bit. I have a run scheduled again tomorrow but I think it will be a walk instead. I’m heading back to the Wildlife Preserve with the Ginga Ninja. AND this weekend Prince Fuzz will be in town for another Wildlife Preserve run. I’m confident my legs will work again by then.

I promised a picture of my new trail shoes and here they are.

trail shoes

I was really excited about them before but then my ultra marathon running friend Gillian told me that they’re the same shoes she wears for her trail runs and I got even more excited about them. I wore them for the first time on the ill considered walk yesterday and they were the best part about the walk. I’m looking forward to wearing them at the Wildlife Preserve.

I hope you have a good laugh at my zombie-ness and as I told Alison yesterday I’m gonna make those stairs my bitch! She suggested that for every 10 pounds I lose that those of us on the Disney Crew (and anyone else that want’s to join in) do the stairs while carrying 10 pound weights to celebrate the little victories on the way to the big one. I think that’s an amazing idea and we’re totally going to do it. So Disney Crew be warned… start doing some stair workouts because that is your future.



One thought on “The Zombie Walk”

  1. mwaa haa haha. you suffered James legs, I had James arms last week and needed to bail on work for a day… I am assured that is an early symptom of the process, you will be in pain agin next time… just not crippling zombie walk inducing pain… less each and every time. I fear the stairs and frequently find “things” that are “pressing” so as to avoid them. thought you do not sell it well, You have encouraged me to tackle the obstacle

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