Return of the Salad Station

What is a salad station you ask? Well a few years ago in a salad phase I either saw it somewhere or invented it, I can’t remember. Lets say I invented it. I like convenience (who doesn’t?) and I will most often eat the convenient thing over the good thing, even if I like the good thing almost as much. So the salad station came to be.


Behold the glory! Grab-able salad! Lettuce and spinach, peppers, onions, celery and toasted pumpkin seeds; all washed, cut and ready to go. You can make up a wicked salad in two minutes flat and be all cleaned up too. All the small containers have lids and fit inside the big tray which slides onto the bottom shelf in the fridge. Make up a container of chicken or beef and it’s even better.

The salad station is not just for salad, oh no! It’s excellent for wraps, sandwiches and home made pizza. We made up some nice thin crust pizza last night. I had it all ready to go in the oven and turned my back for two seconds. Behind me I heard a strange lip smacking sound. I spun around to find Mister Switch with front paws on the counter not two feet behind me nomming on the fresh pizza.


He got a spanking and the sternest alpha mom voice I could muster. He cowered appropriately and after a few minutes I had a good laugh about it, wiped it off and stuck it in the oven. I know it looks deliciously cheesy and saucy but I had an appropriate portion and enjoyed it very much…. especially since I made sure Cam got the dog drool piece.

A couple of days ago I met up with James for a run on the millennium trail. If anyone had asked me before how long I could run before walking I would have said five minutes. It’s the longest interval I’d ever run and was barely making it at that. The toughest run I had done was three intervals of five minutes with two and a half minutes of walking between each. Six weeks ago I could barely run for a minute at a 12 min/km pace. Oh how far I’ve come without realizing it.



Check out that pace! I might as well be the Flash. James pushed me to run 9 minute intervals with one minute of walking in between. If he’d told me before we started that was what we were going to do I’d have called him crazy. But he was sneaky and just did it, which was definitely the right plan. I tried to whine as little as possible and he was super encouraging and pushing in the right amounts in order to keep me from full out rebellion. He knows what he’s doing and I certainly don’t but I’m going to try my damnedest to learn and believe that I can do what he tells me to do.

It was raining and I was sweat soaked but after the run we still got down on the wet grass and did some arms and abs and I loved it. I’ve always liked getting dirty in the right context. I worked on a ranch for ten years so I suppose I’m used to it. I meant to go to the grocery store after but I was so wet and cold that I went home and then straight to my happy place, the hot tub!

The next day was groceries and salad station creation. You should make one. It could change your life!

I’m getting excited / nervous for the Terry Fox Run on Sunday. Check out the link on the right and send me a dollar for the Terry Fox Foundation if you have one to spare.


p.s. Seriously though… make a salad station.

3 thoughts on “Return of the Salad Station”

  1. A great idea – and one I intend to borrow 🙂

    Congratulations on the running as well – I’m into the habit of running at an average of 12mph and running with someone else sounds a great way of speeding up.

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