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Monthly Archives: October 2015

It doesn’t happen to me too often but it is one of those nights when sleep is elusive. I was lying in bed and my brain wouldn’t shut up. Getting up and writing seemed like a good alternative. Last night Jenna and I went to the gym and the pool again. I did 25 minutes on the rowing machine and I can feel in in my back and shoulders today. I really… Read More

After a crap week last week I am back in the game. I kicked off this week at the Canada Games Centre with Jenna. We headed there after work and started out at the gym. I ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill just to see how my leg felt and it was fine after 6 days of rest. I did get on my bike a couple of times during the week… Read More

That’s a lot of douchey “shun” words to start a day with… but that pretty well describes what I’ve been thinking and feeling this week so I had to douche it up a little. I didn’t have anything big and exciting to write about when it comes to running this week so I didn’t want to write this. Then Andy reminded me that it’s not all lollipops and rainbows and I said… Read More

It’s election day in Canada! Being a bit of a nerd about politics I am pretty excited. Voting is important to me. My parents instilled that in me from before the time I was old enough to vote and I haven’t missed exercising my right yet. Although I’ve never exercised it quite so literally as today. I’ve been a coughing, snotty, puddle of goo for about 3 days. I haven’t run since… Read More

Yesterday was a magical day. I think James might have pulled some kind of Harry Potter shit to make it happen, or maybe I just did it, I don’t know. But either way, check this out! I ran 8k. I ran it. The whole thing. The whole damn thing. The above data comes to you from James’ Garmin. I forgot to turn my heart rate monitor on at the beginning and my data turned… Read More

I write to you today from an uncomfortable and inconvenient typing position on board a flight from Chicago to Portland. We are headed home and an email from my Mom and Dad the other day reminded me of this book.     I ‘m a Calvin and Hobbes fan. It’s the only consistently funny comic and when Cam and I discovered we each had about 6 Calvin and Hobbes books it pretty much… Read More

Last night we had an epic birthday party for Heather. It was at a beautiful house on the lake and we met a ton of great southern people, who are apparently the nicest people on earth.     Here is the view from the deck with the party tent in the back yard. Unfortunatley it was hella-raining but we just took the party inside, although the boys did go stand in the party… Read More

   This was my view from the beach at 8:00 this morning. Yesterday I went shopping with Heather on her birthday and we threw gold doubloons at peasants at the outlet mall. Although today was technically a day off my new shoes, tights, sports bras and tops along with the view and the weather made we want to run. I was shocked that I wanted to run. My tides are finally changing. … Read More