The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down

Luckily I remembered this flood safety strategy from my childhood and my rescue umbrella is ready!

It is literally a state of emergency in South Carolina declared by the President. The state is at OPCON 1, which sounds scary. Dams have burst, bridges and roads are washed out and the rain keeps coming. We got these alerts all night.  

This is the back yard, which does not normally have a lake view.   

That cement thing you can see in the back had about 15 feet showing last night and Andy says it’s 20 feet tall. SC Emergency Management tweeted this:


The extra periods let you know they’re not screwing around. I’ve used the same technique myself. So it’s not a shopping day. Also Myrtle Beach is under water… so we’ll see what happens to our beach plans in a couple of days. Worst case scenairo: we stay here and still have a great time. 

We are safe and dry on the high ground where we are and they say the Lake Murray dam near us is not in danger. I’ve been restricted to the four streets around the house for my run if I go. I don’t want to be like the guy that stood in front of the aligator warning sign, yelled “fuck that alligator!”, jumped in and was immediately killed by the alligator. So do I say fuck that rain? Probably not. A federal state of emergency might give me a pass. Probably a good day for a workout video. 

I’ll keep Instagram updated with the situation for my friends and family back home, and I’ll leave you with this sweet slow-mo video of the rain.

And finally – seen in Myrtle Beach today by a friend of Andy… sharkpockalypse. This is a road, not the ocean. Hopefully this is real. Wait, I changed my mind. Hopefully this is not real!



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