Carolina in My Mind, and Under My Feet


I’m sitting on our balcony at Myrtle Beach listening to the waves and looking at the stars and thinking I could probably stay here forever. There may be some James Taylor playing too. Our place is amazing, right on the beach with a killer view. This is how things look from where I’m sitting, although it’s a little darker now. 


Shortly after arriving the clouds started to roll out and it’s now a clear beautiful night which is a good sign for a sunny day tomorrow. We headed down to the beach to dip our toes in the ocean and then out for dinner. 


How is the running you ask? Well I’ve stuck to the plan and run every day so far. I’ve had two great days and two ok days. My body is really taking a beating and I’m sore. More whining, more whining, etc… I have two blessed days off running tomorrow and the next and I’m going to use them for lots of beach walking and swimming. I’ve never felt ocean water this warm and I’m looking forward to getting in there tomorrow! 

Not much more info for you tonight other than we’re having a great time with great friends and I can’t wait for some sun!

Whitehorse snow vs. South Carolina sand. Sand for the win!


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