Changing Tides

This was my view from the beach at 8:00 this morning. Yesterday I went shopping with Heather on her birthday and we threw gold doubloons at peasants at the outlet mall. Although today was technically a day off my new shoes, tights, sports bras and tops along with the view and the weather made we want to run. I was shocked that I wanted to run. My tides are finally changing. 

Unfortunatley you should not run in new shoes, tights, sports bra and top all at once. I now recommend only using one new piece of gear at a time. We don’t need all the gory details here but lets say sometimes you need body glide in places you never thought you would and you should only find out about that in one place at a time. 

I thought that bright and early the beach would be very quiet and nice and cool. I was wrong and very wrong. There were one million people around and it was one million degrees. I think I’d have to get out there at about 5:30 for those things to be true. 

I started running on the hard packed sand near the water thinking it would be pretty solid, and it was. Pudgy Princesses, however, still sink in it when they run. The sand near the water was also slanted on quite an angle at this part of the beach and the uphill leg was working much harder than the downhill leg. There were a few runners on the flatter part of the beach farther from the water and I tested that out too but there was even more sinking. My run quickly turned into a walk. I was ok with that though. It was a day off and it was the most beautiful walk of my life. 

I also saw this!

Unlike the last shark photo I posted which of course was not real, this one I can guarantee is because I took that photo myself. Theres a lot of people out on the beach fishing and this dude caught a fricking shark! I was already a little nervous about getting in the ocean because I’m afraid of sharks. I’m pretty sure this one got a good look at me while he was being released. He gave me the “I’m coming for you later” eye. 


He’s now out there waiting for me. I’ll probably get in there even so because it’s already 24 degrees and it’s October! Fuck that shark. 

I walked down the beach for 2k and then got off and went over to the street behind the houses and hotels for a little running. After a short distance I thought “wtf am I doing?” and got back on the beach. I didn’t want to look at the backs of houses when the beach and ocean was 100m away, that was dumb. I still got a good calorie burn and got some great views and photos to go with it. When I got back everyone was still asleep and I felt pretty smug about getting out and back before my people had stirred.

Tonight we’re going to the Pirate’s Voyage dinner and show which I’m really excited about. Tomorrow morning I have a real run to do. I’m going to have to head out on the road for a hard 4k and I’m gonna giver. I need to get out early before it’s one million degrees. After that it’s mini golf (love!), seafood buffet and then we’ll be saying goodbye to the beach and heading back to the house. 

Here’s a optimistic pre run shot of my new shoes on the beach which shortly after got filled with sand and regret. Bare feet are better for beach walks. They’re my first pair of new balance. Asics are my favorite but these have great reviews and I thought I’d try something new. Plus they’re pretty, which is essential and second only to quality. 


 I still can’t believe I’m running on vacation but it’s a sign of my changing tides. I feel great compared to the tired, burned out, blah feeling I’ve had on other vacations by this time and it’s so worth it! It’s not wasting my time to get out there for an hour-ish every day. It’s making my other hours better and that is awesome x 1000 ;).


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