Yukon Ho!

I write to you today from an uncomfortable and inconvenient typing position on board a flight from Chicago to Portland. We are headed home and an email from my Mom and Dad the other day reminded me of this book.   


‘m a Calvin and Hobbes fan. It’s the only consistently funny comic and when Cam and I discovered we each had about 6 Calvin and Hobbes books it pretty much sealed the deal. 
But as we travel you should know that…

I did it! I can’t believe I really did it! The schedule was slightly modified from the original but it was James approved and there were only two days during the whole trip (besides the 20 hour travel days) that I did not run or walk. I didn’t skip a run because I was lazy, or grumpy, or lazy and grumpy. I didn’t shut off and ignore that voice in my head telling me to get out and run. I just fucking did it! And it feels great! 
I’m excited to be going home. I miss my guitar and my hot tub, my video games, my friends and my Jedi Master (shockingly). But honestly I could have lived without all that for a couple more weeks and stayed in SC with Andy and Heather and Cam, sorry friends ;)). What I cannot go another day without is my puppies!!! I miss them so much. They’ve been very well looked after which was a big weight off my mind but I want to get home and hug them so badly. I’ve been missing them a lot the last few days. It helped that Sullivan is ridiculous and fun and Naula likes couch snuggles. 
  Cameron with Sullivan on his lap and Naula beside. 

I had a small incident on my last run. It was a 4K to run however I wanted. I wanted to run it hard and triumphantly. The day before I left a little late at 8:30 am and it felt like I was running inside an active volcano. I do not think I have ever sweat that much! Hot! So yesterday I ate and got out the door shortly after to rip it up. Unfortunately during km 2 bad things happened. I felt really phlegmy and it was making it hard to breathe. I coughed a few times and then ran along. I couldn’t breathe well, coughed again, put my hand over my mouth for more coughing but instead my hand acted as a vomit deflector when I insta-puked all over myself. So now my shirt was covered in run puke but I felt so much better and I could breathe again. As I was 2k from the house there was only one thing to do; keep running. So I turned around and ran home. Here’s my heart rate chart for the run. Guess where the incident happened. And then where a second incident almost – but not quite – happened. 
Oh well, I still did it! It was suggested to me that my smokers lungs may be to blame along with eating too soon before my run. I could not disagree. 
I noticed two things about my running on this trip. 

  • One – It was a very hilly area and I’m starting to be able to recover my breathing from running hills while still jogging and not having to walk so much. Don’t tell James though, he’ll only make me do it more if he knows that. 
  • Two – I can think about things other than running for about 2.5k. Before this trip the only thing I could think about while running was running. And how much it sucks. And how much I hate it. The last few days I caught myself doing that but not until at least halfway through. It makes it go much faster when you think about other shit. Trust me. 

Today is travel day. I hate traveling. I like the vacationing part a lot but I hate getting there. Planes suck. Too many people in too close quarters being generally grumpy and smelly and overwhelmed. I’m not a fan of crowds which I’ll have to get over if I’m going to run amongst them at Disney I suppose. But that’s a problem for another day. Today I can hate them, and I do. I’m interested to see if I hate flying any less when I fit in the seat better. I’m going to hate a lot of things less when I’m smaller but I’m sceptical that flying will be one of them. 
We have four flights today and Cam and I were only put beside each other on the first one. We are on our second flight now and I was one row ahead of him. When the guy who was sitting beside Cameron came in I asked him if he would be willing to switch with me as he seemed to be alone. To my great relief he was super nice and said “of course” and that he could see I “obviously needed to keep an eye on him”, meaning Cam. I was so happy and when the drinks came around and he ordered a beer I told the flight attendant I wanted to pay for it. She asked why and I told her how he has switched with me so I could sit with my husband and I was so grateful it was the least I could do. When she got back to my row and she got me my drink I passed her my visa. She told me she wasn’t going to charge me for his drink cause it was so nice, then she gave me my card back and said “well shoot I’m not gonna charge you for yours either darlin”. And the next time she came around she just got me another rum and waved off the visa I produced (possibly from my bra? Makes a great airplane pocket – log that tip away ladies) again. Nice! So it pays to pay it forward… Or backward in this case 😉 
We have another hour on this flying sardine can of discomfort and misery and then a short hop to Vancouver and finally, Yukon Ho! 
I woke up with a sore throat today which has not gotten better throughout the day and is not helping the travel grumps. My bed will be glorious tonight in all its tempurpedic majesty. 
There is no rest for the wicked and tomorrow I’m meeting James for a run which I am looking forward to believe it or not. I may regret saying that, but it’s true. I’d rather be running with him right now and barely breathing and legs burning than on this effing plane. I should remember that in the middle of it tomorrow. James if I’m whining, throw that one at me. 
So here’s to great trips, good karma and happy home comings! I have my Gamecocks shirt on and I’m ready to wing it the rest of the way home!



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