Will Run With a Cold to Vote!


It’s election day in Canada! Being a bit of a nerd about politics I am pretty excited. Voting is important to me. My parents instilled that in me from before the time I was old enough to vote and I haven’t missed exercising my right yet. Although I’ve never exercised it quite so literally as today.

I’ve been a coughing, snotty, puddle of goo for about 3 days. I haven’t run since the Magical 8k last Thursday. All my soreness was gone today and despite being a snot factory I was itching to get out there. James says it’s in my blood now. I’m not sure how he put it in there but I think he’s right.

It was a couple of degrees below zero this morning so I geared up complete with hat, gloves, running pack (with ID and bear spray on board) and new Bluetooth headphones and headed out to my local polling station. Here’s my – on the way to vote – time. Note that km 2 is a very large hill which I tried to run but ended up walking most of ;).


I cast my sweaty vote and headed home, which is when a little more magic happened. The data is broken in two because I paused my watch when I got to the polling place but it ended up being stopped somehow so I had to start a new run for the way home. I took a different route home so I didn’t run down the big hill that I had to get up on the way there. There was a gradual downhill for part of it but it was mostly flat.


Check out km 2… which is really km 5! This is the first time I’ve broken into the 7 minute zone. This kilometer was made possible by a slight downhill, snotty gloves, cold medicine, a chilly wind that I wanted to get out of, and the song Don’t You Forget About Me complete with an appropriately timed raised fist Breakfast Club style without caring who saw me. I felt like I was kickin it pretty fast so when my watch gave me the km buzz I took a sneaky peek at it and saw the 7’48” time. I gave a yip and a jump and ran the rest of the way home with a smile on my face.

Despite being a snot bucket I really, actually enjoyed this run! I’ll have to see if I can repeat it later without the performance enhancing drugs, haha.

Fellow Canadians, I urge you to get out there and exercise your right to vote too. Don’t take this right for granted. Get out there and have your say!



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