Kicking Ass and Christmas Cheer

It’s cold and beautiful in Whitehorse at –35C and my family is celebrating Christmas by cooking delicious food and boiling water and throwing it in the air outside. Check this shit out. Also notice the sweet Star Wars snowflakes that I made and that Cameron poured the boiling water on his feet a little bit.

  My parents came up from BC to celebrate the holidays together. We haven’t all been together for Christmas for at least seven or eight years and it’s lovely. My parents are here now and my brother and his Jess arrive in two days for New Years shenanigans.

I haven’t taken any training time off for Christmas. James said our schedule this week looked like this: Monday, we train. Tuesday, we train. Wednesday, we train. Thursday is Christmas Eve so you know what that means… we train. Today I get a rest day but tomorrow, I train!

This week we have been running as usual, but after that we have been fighting to the death! Well… not to the death, just to the pain. Well not so much to the pain either, but definitely to the short of breath. Perhaps a little back story is needed here. Last spring Alison and I took kickboxing for a few weeks and we loved it. Hitting and kicking stuff is very therapeutic. I also do a combat type workout at home which I’ve talked about before but then it’s just the air that’s being punched and kicked and it doesn’t fight back. So James and I were talking about new things we could do and I told him I want to hit stuff. He was into it and so I went and bought some very tough looking MMA gloves (they’re not tough, they’re pink) and some Muay Thai pads and James now lets me hit him after we run. It is SO fun. It’s my favorite workout ever. The first day we did it I must have had a massive grin on my face the whole time because my cheeks hurt a bit after. You know it’s a fun workout when your face cheeks hurt. Pain in your other cheeks does not necessarily indicate the same thing.

While I haven’t taken a training break I have definitely been having a foody, boozy, good old holiday time. It’s my last hurrah because come January “shit gets real”. Smoking is out, drinking it out, eating anything delicious is out. Running is in, fighting is in, constant soreness is in. I’m going to do this thing. I’m on the wagon, I might been leaning off a little right now for the holiday but I think in January I will be tied to it until it reaches my goal.

I haven’t been doing much else exciting lately. I’ve been on a 90’s TV show Netflix binge for a bit. Right now I have to nerd admit that I’m really into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is partly nostalgic because I loved that show in high school and partly research in case I find out James really is a vampire. Do you ever see this and feel like Netflix is judging you?


YES, I am! Fuck you Netflix. I do other shit too, you don’t know me.

 Last week on the winter solstice I started an entry that I didn’t finish. It went a little bit (or exactly) like this:

Winter Solstice

Sunrise today was at 10:09AM and sunset at 3:48PM. It was a beautiful day and I even had to wear sunglasses for about 10 minutes around noon. It was a happy day because I’m officially on vacation! I’m not going anywhere, but I have two glorious weeks off and my family is coming for Christmas!

We’ve had amazing northern lights this week. I was standing outside last night while I was working night shift and they were mind bottling (see previous blog entries for the definition of mind bottling). Pink and red and purple and green; some of the best northern lights I’ve ever seen. Here’s a great shot from Jonathan Tucker Photography that I saw on instagram.

I haven’t been idle for the last two weeks. I’ve still been running and P90Xing and such, but it’s Christmas and I’ve also been boozing and eating. When I admitted to James that I was a little, let’s say unfocused, he asked me if I fell off the wagon or jumped off. I told him I dove off into a bucket of rum. You pretty much can’t decorate the house for Christmas without rum and eggnog right? James assured me that you can, and that the decorations turn out more straight when you do. Perhaps I’ll test that theory next year. He often tells me that our journey is a marathon and not a sprint and even though I sometimes totally suck, he sticks by me and keeps helping me. That dude really rocks. Everybody should have a Jedi… but you can’t have mine.

That’s it. I really remember writing more than that but It’s possible rum was involved. Oh rum, I’m going to miss you next year.

 I’ve been thinking about resolutions a lot lately. I have a bad attitude towards resolutions, mostly because I make them every year and I have never kept a single one. So for the past few years I’ve said fuck it and refused to… resolute?? Resolve??? Reform??? I’ve refused to make any resolutions. James gave me a hard time about my bad resolution attitude and I’ve been reevaluating. We’ll see what the week brings and I will update with a New Years post about what’s in store for the year and a look back at how far I’ve come.

Whatever and wherever you’re celebrating this year, from my family to yours, have a great one! Please have a laugh with us at our hilarious, Yukoney, very Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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