Shit is About to Get Real

The year has grown old, and man has it done that wicked fast. Tomorrow the new year is born and you all know what that means…. Every time you write the date for the next two weeks you’ll write 2015 by accident and you’ll say “I can’t believe it’s 2016 already” thirty times.

It also means resolutions. I’ve been struggling with this. I hate resolutions. This is because I never keep them. Never ever. So what’s the point? I was complaining about this to Mister James the other day and he pointed out to me that I resolved to get fit a few months ago and I’m currently keeping that resolution so it’s not critical that I get my New Years on. My whole life is different this year though, so maybe it’s time to make a real resolution. I still don’t like the “resolution” word though; too easy to break and I have too much history of doing just that. I’m going to call them commitments. That’s a scarier word and I try my best not to break those. My record is not perfect but it’s a lot better than my 0% on resolutions. I’ve dedicated a lot of think time to this over that last week and I’ve got three that I’m going to commit to. They’re not fitness goals but I think they’ll be good for me in other ways. My ninja training is far from complete but I don’t need resolutions to keep that up.

Three commitments to myself this year:

  1. Enroll in some kind of health and fitness or nutrition course online and get started.
  2. Take an online blogging course once per quarter this year.
  3. Track everything that goes in my mouth without fail until I lose 20 more pounds and am on track nutritionally.

I’ve never much cared how much traffic the blog gets. I mean, don’t get me wrong… when I get a lot of views that’s really cool, but it’s not my main goal for this blog. I would like to make the blog more awesome though and I’m sure some blog writing courses will be beneficial. It just so happens that WordPress (my blog platform) has free online blogging courses and I’ve already signed up for two starting in February. Get ready for increased awesomeness!

This week I have had a couple of good workouts. James and I had a great fight earlier in the week. I actually kicked him in the elbow once by accident. I was talking when I threw the kick so he didn’t see it coming. He told me that was because I bite my lip every single time I kick and since I was talking when I kicked I didn’t do it. I didn’t believe him at first. Then I kicked again and realized that he was one hundred percent correct. I automatically bit my lip before I kicked. Then I did it again. And the rest of the fight I tried not to bite my lip every time I kicked. He was right, as usual; I am ridiculous. We finished off the fight with some torture planks and all the squats in the world. My legs are hella sore.

Yesterday I took my mom, my brother and his Jess to the infamous Black Street Stairs. James met us there and we all trekked to the top together. The family walked around the airport fence for a while at the top of the stairs while James and I walked up and down the stairs. It was cool to have my family see the site of my repeated torture and now when I whinge about the stairs they have an idea of what I’m going through.

Me, Jess, Grady and Mom

2015 Progress

I had a painful run today, and I didn’t make it as far as I was supposed to. We had planned on 8k and I made it 5k. I didn’t even make it 5k without walks though, there were multiple walks. It made me feel pretty crap to be honest not to be able to do what I’ve done before. But a look back has helped me realize that one crap run does not erase what I’ve accomplished this year. Also I did all the squats in the world two days ago and drank like a monster last night… the drinking part is not normally an acceptable excuse but I’m giving myself a holiday grace period; this ends tomorrow.

Here are a few examples of my progress from my fitbit. Start with my first fitbit run on the top left and work your way to the bottom right. The change in my heart rate and pace are pretty awesome, especially considering I’ve only lost 12 frustrating pounds.

Looking at that makes me feel better about today.

 The top left photo above was taken on July 31, 2015 the day before this craziness started (Dad is in the background). The rest are in progress photos from the last four months.

Tonight my family is going for a fancy dinner and I’m going to have something delicious and terrible for me. Then we will watch the Whitehorse fireworks at the sensible time of 8pm and after head home where I plan to dive into the rum bottle and smoke my face off until 11:59:59pm. I’m pretty sure this paragraph just gave James a small heart attack… it’s ok buddy, breathe through it; everything is going to be ok.

Tomorrow shit gets real. Really real. It’s not that I haven’t worked hard the last five months, I’ve worked very hard. Tomorrow, though, the real commitment begins. Nutrition will be bang on, rum is out and the nicotine withdrawal rage banshee rides at dawn. I’m meeting James at 11:30 for a resolution run with many other people in Whitehorse. Yes, I’m going to run with other people. That’s real shit for me. James has promised to stay with me no matter how much I suck (my words, not his) and kick the running year off together. That’s pretty damn cool and I’m looking forward to it believe it or not. My family will be at the finish line and I can’t imagine a better way to kick off my best year ever then to be running with James with my family cheering me on.

I’ve had such a great holiday with my family and I’m sad that it’s ending, but I’m also looking forward to the New Year. It’s going to be an epic one for me. I’m going to melt the weight away and reach my running goals. There’s just under 14 months left until the Disney Princess Half Marathon and I’m going to kill that run. I know I will, because I have the support I need to see me through. I know I’ve said it many times already but I am so thankful for the support of my friends and family. I could not and would not be doing this without you.

Here’s a photo my mom took of me earlier this week writing the blog. Apparently I’m very serious at times when I’m thinking about what I’m writing.


Happy New Year and I’ll be back tomorrow with a New Years Resolution Run update. Thanks for sticking with me this year… I love you all.


P.S. This little beauty arrives for me in early January… More on this tomorrow!


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