Real Neat Blog Nomination

I am very excited to be nominated for a Real Neat Blog Award by Britt over at liveloverunlikeaprincess.  Thank you so much!


  • Put the award logo on your blog
  • Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
  • Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog
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My Questions:
What do you never leave home without?
Lame-o answer here but the only thing I always take with me is my phone. I’ve been known to forget my purse often, and if I’m not driving I never take my keys, but I’ve always got that phone. I don’t have it glued to it to my face constantly and it’s actually pretty old, but I do like to always have it with me. Remember the days when you could just go somewhere and no one could get a hold of you… ah nostalgia. 

Who or what inspires you?

My little bro who has lost a lot of weight is very inspiring to me. I also really got inspired by Dietgirl. She’s not writing on that blog anymore but it’s still great and there’s a link to her new site. I bought her book and loved it. Right now I’m picturing myself crossing the finish line at Disney World with my friends and family there either running or cheering me on and being so proud of what I’ve accomplished.

What is your personal motto/mantra?

I was contemplating this on my run today. I didn’t come up with anything world shattering but I think I might go with “don’t fucking quit” along side “just do it”. Total nike ripoff but hey, it works for me. I need to stop whining and making excuses and just do it and don’t fucking quit. Those are easy things to repeat to myself while I’m out there pounding (shuffling on?) the pavement. 

Why did you decide to start blogging?

I feel like I’ve tried everything. Weight watchers, sparkpeople, low carb, no carb, cleanses, etc… I’ve occasionally tried keeping a journal but it was not stimulating to read back over things like “lost 1 pound, good workout today”. I thought that not keeping my efforts a secret this time might help. If my friends and family and now other readers can be party of my story then I might be motivated to keep on keepin on. And it’s already working! I pushed through a run that I wanted to quit on the other day because I knew people were reading. And when I do succeed I will have a great collection of my stories along the way to look back on. 

What the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

I’ve only been blogging for a couple weeks so it hasn’t really been obstacle city yet. Getting started and going out the door and then facing down my fear of laying my life out there to read and just doing it is pretty big for me. I need to get through this first month with regular runs and getting my eating on track and then I know from past successful experiences that I’ll be on a roll. I’ve lost weight a couple times in the past and once I’m over the 4 week mark I usually get addicted to the success. 

What is your favorite beauty/fashion hack?

If you knew me in real life you’d know this is hilarious question to ask me. Fashion is hoodies and tights or shorts and beauty is a little foundation and some eye liner and mascara. Soooo… no favourites, haha. Wait change that to tutu and tiara while crossing the finish line at the Princess half. I’m gonna tutu the crap outta that race!

What is something you have always wanted to experience or achieve?

I have wanted to be a runner for a long time. I tried to do it a couple years ago but I threw myself into it too fast and had knee problems which I used as a great excuse to quit. So I want to be a runner. A real runner. Like the kind of runner that when people are describing you to their friends “she’s a runner” is an integral part of the description. Also going to Europe and taking our RV to every province and state would be neat. 
I don’t have any blogs to pay the nomination forward yet but I’ll do some reading and post a couple in the next few days 🙂


Dog Paw Butter is Ridiculous

Yesterday was C25K run number 3 and I seriously considered quitting in the middle of it. There was no good reason for my despondency, I just didn’t want to do it. But then my traitorous brain came through for once and reminded me that there were ACTUAL REAL PEOPLE reading this. That meant something to me and I decided not to be a douche for once and finished the damn run. 

Afterwards I was thinking about how rough the road is and even though we walk the dogs on it often I though the (very slightly) faster pace might be tough on their paws. So I dug out some paw butter that I bought last winter and never used. I bought it because it gets really cold here (-40C on occasion) in the winter and was a little worried about their toesies. But they were fine so I didn’t have occasion to use it. When it’s that cold we don’t walk. They run outside, pee as quickly as possible while holding up one or two legs and trying not to fall over and then run inside. They also have dog boots which are hilarious the first time we put them on each winter.

SO! I attempted to apply dog paw butter to their paw pads. They were tired when I started which is the ideal condition to trim nails, cut hair and what have you. Chinook was lying on the floor near the couch so she was the lucky one to go first. She was pretty tolerant and let me rub it in to one paw while she lay there with a “wtf are you doing?” look on her face. I had put the jar on the couch next to me while I applied it. This paw butter smells amazing especially if you’re partial to oatmeal, apparently it also tastes amazing because Switch had snuck up behind me and was noming it down while I worked on Chinook’s paw. It was so good that when I reached up to grab it for the second paw he was in the process of picking it up and running away with it! I told him to drop it but that wasn’t happening and he snuck away with his sneaky ears on and his “I’ve got something you want!” trot. Now Chinook doesn’t like it when switch puts those ears and that trot on and so she tried to chase him while also trying to hold one paw up, lick it and bark at the same time. I got up and tried to use my authority voice to get him to come and give it to me…. unfortunatley I’m only the boss about 70% of the time and this happened to be a 30% hour. 

Now Switch is running around with the paw butter, Chinook is limping, licking and barking after him with me in the rear both laughing and yelling as we run around the dining table with carnival music playing in my head. Hilarious. I wish someone could have seen it, although not Cesar Milan. Svelte would have had tears of laughter for sure. 

Eventually I retreived the paw butter but the tired dog state we started in was gonezo. I persevered! The laughter ceased, mom’s the boss was once again established and dogs were calm and lying on the rug. Chinook’s paw buttering commenced without further incident. She licked it all off but I managed to rub some in there first. 

Switch was another story. You must understand that Switch is the silliest, most easy going, do anything to him, waggly tailed, laid back German Shepherd ever. He looks scary, but he’s a little sweetheart. Front paws, no problem. I picked up his back leg and he shrieked like an eight year old girl who just had her finger cut off. Lately we’ve thought he might have a sore back leg so I thought I might have hurt him, even though I only picked his leg up a maximum of one inch. So I let him relax for a while and then tried the other leg, SHRIEK! There was absolutely no way I had caused him any pain, he was being dramatic. He’s known for his dramatic sighs and flopping lie downs. If he could put the back of his hand to his forehead and say “woe is me!” he’d do it occasinally. We tried the other leg again, SHRIEK!

Now boss mom really came out! “LIE DOWN!” I said. He lay down. I gently took his back paw in my hand. He gave me the eye and I could see the shriek building. “NO!”. He sighed. Paw butter was applied. We all lived. Now the other paw. No problem. I finished rubbing it in and looked at him. HE HAD THE JAR OF PAW BUTTER IN HIS MOUTH AGAIN! I let go, he ran away, Chinook gave chase, carnval music and general hilarity ensued, he stopped and licked it all off. 

So paw butter: I’m sure you’re good for the paws, but you’re ridiculous and I will never use you again. 

Shout out to the King and Queen who called yesterday to say how much they like reading the blog. Thanks parental people!

Also a shout out to all you guys who I don’t know in real life but are reading, liking, and commenting. You kept me going yesterday and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. 

C25K week 2 starts tomorrow, Disney or bust, Huzzah!


p.s. Yes We’ve had Switch’s leg checked by our Vet as well as Princess America who was just visiting for a couple weeks and is also a Vet. He’s fine. Dramatic, but fine 😉

Introducing dem Puppies

My running buddies


This is Chinook. She’s a 6 year old Border Collie mix who enjoys barking at squirrels, chewing bones, playing with toys, and lying on the back of the couch looking out the window or on the top of the hot tub in the sun like a cat. Nicknames include Nooks, Nooksie, cat dog, or when we are slightly tipsy Schnorks. 

This is Switch. He’s two and half and very silly. His hobbies include stealing things like shoes and dish towels and putting them in his spot to lie amongst his things in glory, shredding paper towels, stealing Nooksie’s bones and toys and putting them in the yard and crawling into your lap for snuggles. He is a small dog in a big dog’s body. His main nickname is Mister Switch. I’m not sure how his nickname is longer than his real name. We’re not even clear on when we started calling him that but it stuck. Occasionally shortened to Mister or BaBAH. Emphasis on the second Bah. Again, no idea where that one came from. Svelte made fun of me for calling him that but I’ve now caught him calling him BaBAH a few times. Sucka!

The next picture is hilarious. Switch is saying “I love everything and I’ll just sit here happy until I get that treat you’re holding!”. Chinook is saying “hey lady, you’re not my mom, give me the fecking treat.”

Photo credit for all three of these goes to the Ginga Ninja. A good friend who comes all the long way to my house to let these guys out when I’m working and Svelte is away on business trips. She rocks… and her name comes from her amazing red hair! I work long shifts and I’m not sure what I’d do without her. 

So these guys will be training with me for the next 18 months. At first I thought it would be trickly cause I couldn’t move my arms much when holding the leashes. I need to move my arms when I run. I suspect most people do, although what I know about running can be summed up by this: move forward faster than when you are walking. Anyway, I came up with a method to tie them to my pack on either side of me so I didn’t have to hold the leashes. They heel pretty well, not amazingly well, but good enough to tie them to me and not be skiing behind them. They’re a little in front of me but they are not pulling. 

Why wear a pack, you say? Welp, in my neck of the woods I need to carry bear spray and a bear banger and my phone (music is essential to me) even around my neighborhood. A belt won’t do. There’s too much pudge right now for that to stay in the right place. So I bought a super nice Solomon running pack with a water bladder in it. I love it and it looks ridiculous and tiny on me. But I care not! I can suck back that water, listen to my tunes, tie my dogs to it and have all the bear protection I need. Score! I’ll put a photo of it up another time. 

Did my second C25K run yesterday and loved the shoes. I’ll wait for a bit more time in them to share any more detailed thoughts but after one outing I’m optimistic they’ll be great. I’m a LOT less sore than the first time and my ankes are golden. 

Tomorrow is run #3. 


Soreness and New Kicks

My ankles (and most of my other parts) are still sore from my first “run” the other day! I don’t want to whine, but I do want to look back at this post a year and half from now and remember how far I have come. So remember self, how sore you felt after a 30 min run walk that got you not quite 3km around your neighborhood. Remember how hard it was to breathe and keep going for those 1 minute runs and how you barely had your breath back after the minute and half of walking in between.

I have small ankles. They’re actually my favorite feature because they refuse to get chubby with the rest of me! They look delicate compared to everything else and possibly slightly disproportional… but that’s ok, they’re cute (to me anyway)! Maybe as a result of this and definitely because of the weight they’re carrying they are killing after that run. Thought I’d do session 2 today but the ankles said no dice! Almost keeled over when I got out of bed this morning and stood on them 3 days after session 1.

I picked up a pair of new shoes yesterday. I have been wearing Nike Flyknit Free shoes for a while now for walking. They fit great and I really like them but they have a very thin sole. I am running on a super old chip sealed road and I could feel every rock. I also think at my weight that I need more cushion. So I got a pair of Asics Gel-Cumulus 17 and they’re very comfortable so far. More thoughts on these guys after my first run with them.


Disney Crew Update

I have another friend who wants to come to the Princess half with me, and one more who I think is about 90% in and I will win her over!! I know she’ll read this… so Princess Sweatsalot, get that tutu ready and get on the road. Still 18 months to go! Also my parents are going to come and watch and I’m hoping to get my brother on board to run with me if I can. He’d probably prefer the Star Wars run but maybe I can do a tradsies with him and go to that one if he’ll princess it up with me.

So that brings the crew to (blog nicknames initiate!):

  • Princess Pudgy
  • Prince Svelte – my husband and future drink around the world at Epcot champion.
  • Princess America – the original challenger and the only American on the crew… (I will give you the chance to change your nickname if you read this… text me!)
  • Princess Ear Handles (her husband got to choose her name, lol!) – a real runner who could probably bust out a half marathon tomorrow, no big deal. I’m super glad she’s coming!
  • Prince Handlebar (an ode to the mustache) – Ear Handles husband who is going to drink around with world at Epcot with Svelte while we run, or maybe after we run, or both.
  • Princess Sweatsalot (90% in) – one of my favorite people on earth. I’m including her cause I know she’s gonna cave in and come for the good times.
  • Prince Fuzz – Sweatsalot’s husband (You also get a chance to change your name, and drink around the world)
  • The King and Queen – my parents, coming to cheer me on, yay!
  • Prince Hupp (hopefully) – my brother who has already lost well over 100lbs and is a huge inspiration to me.

The runners are in green, although I hope to add Hupp and mayyyybe Fuzz to the running list. I think drinking around the world with the boys sounds pretty fun though. It might pull him away from the run. It’s looking good so far, now just have to put in the hard work to get there. Easy peasy right girls??

Until next time


My Traitorous Brain

I was on my way home from work tonight planning on taking a walk with my dogs when I got home when my brain turned traitor.

I had it all planned out. Ate a late afternoon snack at work so I was not starving when I got home, planned to change into walking gear and get out as soon as I got home. 

Then my brain said “you know, it’s the first sunny day in weeks and you were stuck at work all day. It was a long one. I bet a rum and coke on the deck in the sun when you get home would just hit the spot!”

“No no brain”, said I, “I have a plan”.

“‘And it is a GREAT plan”, said the traitor. “You know what a BETTER plan would be though? Sunshine and booze.”

I thought that did sound pretty nice. But NO! Today is a new day and I will get out there and walk. No more excuses. 

“You know…” said brain, “your dogs are probably pretty hungry and would really rather have dinner first and have a bit of time to digest before that walk.”

That was a good point. But they can deal with it. Dogs like nothing better than a walk, even food doesn’t come close. 

“Think about an ice cold rum and coke and the beautiful sun on your face. You haven’t felt that in weeks and you were stuck inside ALL DAY.”

The argument continued thusly throughout the drive home. 

So did I persevere? Did I throw away the excuses and triumph? Am I writing this while I glory in the righteousness of sticking to my plan?

Nope. I’m sitting in the sun with a delicious beverage while my dogs digest their dinner. BUT I’m telling on myself here and that walk is happening tonight just a little later than planned. 

Thought you might enjoys the lols…

Edit 2 hours later: not only did I walk, but I did my very first couch to 5k RUN (slow jog like stumble thing, but I’m gonna call it running)! Bam. Take that brain!

The Beginning of the Road


This picture is a good approximation of my current look. Those apples should probably be some french fries though… I’m pretty sure I’m mostly made of potato.

Fast facts:

  • I am 33 years old.
  • I do not currently run. At all. Not even a tiny bit.
  • In 18 months I will run the 2017 Disney Princess half marathon.
  • Before that I will lose 100lbs.

I love my life. It’s seriously awesome. I’m a very happy person with a crazy fun and supportive husband, 2 cool dogs, a great house and a job I love that pays me well and I am good at. The one thing that sucks serious balls is the weight I’ve let myself get to. I have zero excuse. I have a lot of time to spare for working out and I’m very happy. I don’t know why I feel the need to put so much food in me but something’s gotta give here, and it’s going to be my joints if I don’t make a change.

The Goal –  2017 Disney Princess half marathon.

I LOVE Disney. My parents took me there quite a bit as a kid and I’ve returned a few times as an adult and it just gets better. Last month my (fit) friend challenged me to run the Princess half with her and it clicked with me. THIS could be my goal. A reason to weasel another Disney trip out of my husband and do something great for myself at the same time. Any other half I wouldn’t even have though twice before saying no to her. She’s sneaky that one…

We went to Disney World in October 2014 and it was both amazing and terrible. Amazing cause it’s Disney and we had so much fun. Terrible because my feet and ankles swelled up from so much walking that I was not accustomed to and my right leg started doing this numbness/burning pain thing that would kick in after walking for about 5 minutes and stick around after I stopped. This problem definitely wasn’t there at the beginning of the trip but by the end it barely went away. It would have happened wherever I was but since it kicked in at Disney it will feel like I’ve really come full circle when I return triumphantly.

I don’t want to vomit too much information at you (not that I expect anyone to read this but me, you never do know though) because I can’t stand reading super long blogs. I’ll leave it there for today and see my vast reader base of one again tomorrow!