When You Can’t Sleep, Blog!


It doesn’t happen to me too often but it is one of those nights when sleep is elusive. I was lying in bed and my brain wouldn’t shut up. Getting up and writing seemed like a good alternative.

Last night Jenna and I went to the gym and the pool again. I did 25 minutes on the rowing machine and I can feel in in my back and shoulders today. I really like that thing. We went to the pool after and it was busier than last time. I wanted to get the eff out of there when I saw it was busy, but Jenna wasn’t having that and we got to swimming. After we finished 40 minutes of lengths we hopped in the lazy river to float around in it for a minute. It turns out that the lazy river is not so lazy, that sucker moves! We ended up laughing our faces off for 20 minutes while acting like children. It was awesome.

Today I was back at the stairs with quite a few friends. I wanted to get a photo of all of us but I forgot and I’m kicking myself for it because it was a great group. I did six (I think) sets of stairs in 30 minutes. I forgot to start my watch at the beginning of the workout so I can’t say for sure. It was either six or seven, although seven is a little hard to believe since my record before today was five. But either way, improvement! One of the guys was trying to be super encouraging but every time he told me something it was less than helpful. Here’s one example –  “don’t worry, it gets easier. Well, no it doesn’t actually, you just get faster. It doesn’t ever get easier.” He got a sarcastic “thanks” for that little gem. He was super nice and encouraging though, and I appreciated the effort if not the execution. I reminded myself that I called him (along with James) “Satan’s Minion” in the blog after my first stair session and gave him a pass.

After the stairs today and a lot of assassinating people (while playing Assassin’s Creed) I was pretty beat. We went to bed at about 9:30 and I thought I’d fall asleep right away. I even said to Cam that going to bed when you’re super tired is the very best part of the day… but it didn’t work out for me. My brain wouldn’t shut up. I was thinking about workouts, and whether I’ll be able to run tomorrow or be walking instead due to stair legs from today. Then I thought about what I was going to do on the weekend. That led to thinking about next week and fitting in my runs around work… then how I can get some exercise done at work between calls but without getting down on a gross ambulance station floor or getting too sweaty. I did not find a solution.

I thought about my nutrition and how if I get that shit on track the pounds and inches will hopefully start melting away even faster than they already are. I thought about all the clothes I have tucked away that will fit me soon… and how I don’t have any smaller running gear waiting so I’ll have to get new stuff as I shrink, and that was exciting.

Usually putting on my sleepy time playlist works so I fired up the music… which made me remember that I left my guitar in my locker at work and that I need to remember to pick it up tomorrow… then what songs I’m working on and what new songs I want to learn. Then what song I would sing if I was told I had to sing my last song ever. I thought about that for a while; I couldn’t decide.

So I started counting sheep… which made me think about knitting and what projects I’m planning for this winter and what I want to get started asap for Christmas. I decided to go the knitting store tomorrow, then I got excited about that.

Finally I said “fuck this!” and got up. So now you know a little bit more about how my crazy brain works, I’ve had a bowl of frozen blueberries and now I’m off for a midnight hot tub and then hopefully to sleep!

Here’s to Z’s!


Back in the Game

After a crap week last week I am back in the game.

I kicked off this week at the Canada Games Centre with Jenna. We headed there after work and started out at the gym. I ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill just to see how my leg felt and it was fine after 6 days of rest. I did get on my bike a couple of times during the week but I didn’t run. After a quick run I got on the rowing machine for about 15 minutes and it was pretty fun. My back and arms got sore pretty quick… I think I’ve been neglecting my upper body lately in my pursuit of running glory.

We headed to the pool and it was pleasantly deserted, which is the perfect way for a pool to be when a Princess appears in a proper bathing suit for the first time in about 15 years. In fact it was the first time I’d done many things in ten or fifteen years, and I kept Jenna well informed. Here is a list of things I told her I hadn’t done in x number of years:

  • Gone to the gym
  • Used a rowing machine
  • Gone to the pool
  • Worn a real bathing suit
  • Swam a length
  • Worn goggles
  • Changed in a pool changing room (gross)
  • Done a somersault in the water (I did a few while we were swimming)

I may have exasperated her with my reminiscing.

We swam easy for about 45 minutes and chatted while we swam along and it was wonderful. Here’s a fun fact. When you are doing the breast stroke, and your butt floats and your boobs float you better have a flexible spine because you fold in half backwards. It was awkward and hilarious. We got a good laugh out of it and I evened it out with a few lengths of backstroke just to keep my back happy.

After swimming I was reminded that you should bring baggy sweat pants to put on after. Getting yourself back into slightly sweaty tights while trying to hold your towel in front of you because you’re not eleventy years old and you know it’s not cool to parade around naked in the change room is a task of epic proportions. It’s like trying to get your sleeping bag back in the case after the first time you take it out, only with more hopping around, slipping and swearing.

The next day was a run day. Andy taped up my leg with KT tape like a boss and I hit the Millennium Trail for 5k with James. My leg did pretty good and only starting twinging with about 1.5k left but it never really got too bad. I refused to look at my watch or let James tell me how fast we were going and ended up with a new personal best!

I felt awesome after that run. I was actually pretty nervous starting out because I thought I’d have gone backwards after a week off. The first time I ran with James I could only run 9 minutes before I needed a walk break. That was on September 16th. Now, about six weeks later I can run the whole thing and I’m getting a little faster!

Then and now. Same amount of time for the run but yesterday was a half km farther and almost a minute faster average pace.


I worked night shift last night and today after a few hours of sleep I met James again for another Millennium Trail loop. This time James was wearing his full fire gear and a weighted vest for a total of about 92 extra pounds. That’s almost as many extra pounds as I have (5 down, 95 still to go). I was super tired and it was windy and cold when we set out. I told James I didn’t think I was going to make it today without walking. He said I would, and I dragged myself around that trail and somehow made it happen. It felt like my legs were barely moving sometimes.

Halfway through I told him that running today after night shift was a bad idea. He assured me that it was, in fact, a great idea. I was not convinced. I think I was fueled solely by anger that James had an extra 92lbs on and he was still outrunning me. Not anger at him though, just at me… And not bad anger I don’t think. It made me keep going this time rather than getting me down. I will outrun him one day when he has that gear on. I will. His uppance will come.

My one comfort was that I actually heard him breathing hard for the first time today. That was pretty satisfying.

Here we are after the run. Yes my hair is crazy. It was super windy, I swear! But even with crazy hair it’s a great picture.


I am so happy I went and was wrong about it being a bad idea. I’m working nights again now and I feel a lot better than I usually do on my second night.

This week I have another swim planned tomorrow, stairs on Thursday, and at least two more runs. It’s awesome to be right back in the game after a slump.

As Journey says, don’t stop believin’!


Motivation. Fitsporation. Frustration. Aggravation. Determination.

That’s a lot of douchey “shun” words to start a day with… but that pretty well describes what I’ve been thinking and feeling this week so I had to douche it up a little.

I didn’t have anything big and exciting to write about when it comes to running this week so I didn’t want to write this. Then Andy reminded me that it’s not all lollipops and rainbows and I said I was going to write about the crap weeks too. And he was right. And here I am.

This week started out rosy with a great run (even with a cold) on Monday. I was super motivated to get right back into my home routine after vacation and rock on. Tuesday I had a Black Street Stairs workout with Alison and Quinn. I got dropped off on Main Street to pick up a few things and planned to run the 1km to the stairs. I started to run and instantly pain shot up the inside of my leg starting at my ankle. It’s been bugging me on and off but never instantly like this, and not usually so sharp. It has often been sore at the end of a run but never the beginning. After about 2 minutes of running on it I realized it wasn’t going to go away, so I dialed it back to a walk to the stairs.

I did my 30 minutes of stair hell and it was a good workout. My leg was sore but manageable at a walk. The stairs reminded me that I can’t leave them for three weeks and come back easy peasey. That night I was sore, and my leg was very sore. I had a hard time weight bearing on it because it hurt so much. I don’t know specifically what is wrong with it but it is taking a pounding from running and it’s telling me to fuck right off. I don’t want to fuck off. I actually, really want to run and I am frustrated and angry that I can’t. Three months ago I never would have imagined that would be a thought my brain could have. But there it is. I’m pissed off at my body. I’m pissed off at myself for having this crap body that I created. I’m frustrated. I’m angry.

On top of this my diet has been shit this week. I’m not eating mindfully. I’ll have a great meal and start the day out awesome and by the end of the day I’ve thrown away my good start. I’m not going crazy with all day ice cream feasts and deep fried smorgasbords or anything like that but I’m so not rocking it. Why is my mind in the game with exercise but not with food and why can’t I get it there?  I don’t know… I’m frustrated about this too. I’m angry at myself.

So. Angry and frustrated I turned to my love of Pinterest for a little fitsporation. Did you know it mostly sucks? There’s some good stuff but really, a lot of it is bullshit.

We’ve probably all seen this one.


No. Just no. That is about zero % of the reason I’m doing this. Don’t get me wrong, if that happens it will be a nice side effect. But if that was my motivation I’d have quit already. That’s a shit reason to change your life.

How about this?


If that were true then I have never really ran. Not once. That’s bullshit. I fucking run.

And this complete piece of crap.



Actually, often you’re legitimately hungry. Go fuck yourself.

So instead of getting the motivational kick I wanted I grumped at fitsporation for a while. And then I stewed about how much it sucks and how there must be something good out there. And then I thought about why I was doing this in the first place and why I felt I needed that external kick anyway. I still don’t really know. Maybe the honeymoon is over and now that I’m really in to it I need to dig deeper. I know that normally I would have quit before now and even if I’d made it this far this funk I’m currently in would usually result in quit city.

I’m not quitting though.

Don’t panic.

I just need to find my jam again. I can’t let one crap week of leg injury, and a cold and bad eating get me so down.

So here are a few that I liked. And I liked them not because they gave me new motivation, but because they reminded me of shit that I already know, that I already think, that I’ve already written.


I’ve written this before. I’m so tired… I’m weary… I’m sick of giving up and then starting over and over and over. I won’t do it again; this is it.


I’ve done this, I’m doing this now. It have to keep doing it. All the time.


This, so this. I am already thanking myself for starting (almost) three months ago. I’ve come so far already and I want to feel the same again three months from now.


I won’t.

A crap week doesn’t mean that I can give up. This will not be my last crap week. I’m sure there will be even crappier ones. Much, much crappier ones. And I need to be able to push through them without being a big baby whiner.

My motivation can’t come entirely from one place. Not from fitsporation, not from my friends, not from my family, not from this blog, not from James. Getting motivation (and a lot of it) from each is a great thing, but if I rely on any one too much it will inevitably fail me. It has to come mostly from me. How I dig into that when I need it is another matter that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I need it now, and I’m digging… hopefully I’ll hit the pay dirt soon.

But regardless of whether I’m feeling motivated or not I am determined.

Determined not to quit this time.

Determined to be healthy.

Determined to reach my goals.

Determined to take another step.




Will Run With a Cold to Vote!


It’s election day in Canada! Being a bit of a nerd about politics I am pretty excited. Voting is important to me. My parents instilled that in me from before the time I was old enough to vote and I haven’t missed exercising my right yet. Although I’ve never exercised it quite so literally as today.

I’ve been a coughing, snotty, puddle of goo for about 3 days. I haven’t run since the Magical 8k last Thursday. All my soreness was gone today and despite being a snot factory I was itching to get out there. James says it’s in my blood now. I’m not sure how he put it in there but I think he’s right.

It was a couple of degrees below zero this morning so I geared up complete with hat, gloves, running pack (with ID and bear spray on board) and new Bluetooth headphones and headed out to my local polling station. Here’s my – on the way to vote – time. Note that km 2 is a very large hill which I tried to run but ended up walking most of ;).


I cast my sweaty vote and headed home, which is when a little more magic happened. The data is broken in two because I paused my watch when I got to the polling place but it ended up being stopped somehow so I had to start a new run for the way home. I took a different route home so I didn’t run down the big hill that I had to get up on the way there. There was a gradual downhill for part of it but it was mostly flat.


Check out km 2… which is really km 5! This is the first time I’ve broken into the 7 minute zone. This kilometer was made possible by a slight downhill, snotty gloves, cold medicine, a chilly wind that I wanted to get out of, and the song Don’t You Forget About Me complete with an appropriately timed raised fist Breakfast Club style without caring who saw me. I felt like I was kickin it pretty fast so when my watch gave me the km buzz I took a sneaky peek at it and saw the 7’48” time. I gave a yip and a jump and ran the rest of the way home with a smile on my face.

Despite being a snot bucket I really, actually enjoyed this run! I’ll have to see if I can repeat it later without the performance enhancing drugs, haha.

Fellow Canadians, I urge you to get out there and exercise your right to vote too. Don’t take this right for granted. Get out there and have your say!



A Magical 8k

Yesterday was a magical day. I think James might have pulled some kind of Harry Potter shit to make it happen, or maybe I just did it, I don’t know. But either way, check this out!


I ran 8k. I ran it. The whole thing. The whole damn thing.

The above data comes to you from James’ Garmin. I forgot to turn my heart rate monitor on at the beginning and my data turned out a little wonky otherwise. So James sent me the evidence and then I had to believe that I really did that shit! Although it’s still difficult to believe… I think I even dreamed about it last night. And that calorie burn is his btw (which he says was probably high since he wasn’t wearing his hr monitor either). Mine was 1ooo calories for the same run, haha!

The longest I’d run without a walk break before this was 36 minutes, I think. I did that at Myrtle Beach but I did stop for 30 seconds half way through to take a photo so it might not count, but it’s the closest I’ve come to running an entire run so we’ll go with that. Even if that was the longest run I’ve ever accomplished I smashed that record. Demolished it. Doubled it. Holy shit!

Cameron and I landed in Whitehorse on Oct 14th at 2200 after a slightly delayed flight, but I made fast friends with our awesome flight attendant so it was alright. When we arrived and got to the car one tire was flat. Like, rim on the ground flat. Cameron started getting everything out to change it but we’d been flying for about twenty hours by that time and now our tempers were flying also. I suggested a cab, he said that would be about ten thousand dollars and it was a no go. So I covertly texted a friend while he tried to get stuff out in a tired trance and she instantly agreed to come pick us up and drive us home. YOU my friend are an angel from heaven. Cam put everything back in the car and our angel drove us home where we hugged our puppies and collapsed into bed. I slept for about four hours and then woke up and could not get back to sleep. I got up, topped up the hot tub which was a little low, made a fire and generally puttered around while making plans with James for a run later that day. These plans were made at about 5am.

5 Questions:

  • Do you wake up at an ungodly hour every day?
  • Do you sleep hanging upside down with your arms crossed over your chest like a bat?
  • Are you able to run 8k without seeming to exert any effort whatsoever?
  • Do you sparkle in the sun?
  • Are you so cold you occasionally have to run with your hands in your pockets to warm them up?

If all five of these are true you are probably a vampire. If 3/5 are true you’re probably James Paterson. And I could not have done this run without him… especially since it was his crazy idea in the first place.

I don’t know if he thought I could do it or not, but I was determined to do it no matter what he thought. I do have a sneaky feeling he thought I could do it though, and that he generally believes in me more than I do for now… but I’m slowly buying into that crazy train.

The first 4 crap km were uphill which was awful and more awful. But when we were on the way up my friend Genevieve happened to drive by and she honked and rolled her window down and yelled encouragements at me which was amazing and kept me going for a while… even though James told me I wasn’t stopping to talk to her when she turned around in front of us. Thank you Gen, that was the best!

Eventually the maybe vampire told me we were halfway and could turn around and head back for the second 4k. I hadn’t looked at my watch once yet and that was a major accomplishment for me. This half was now blessedly downhill, but still painful. I kept telling James he had to talk to me. I needed to drown out the self doubt and “I hate this” talk that was going around in my head. So we chatted about video games and such for a few km which was very effective.

With about 2kish left I told him with most likely a look of pain on my face not to let me stop. I wanted to stop so badly but I said that I wanted to be able to tell Cameron that I did the whole thing without stopping and please not to let me stop. And he didn’t. And I told Cam I ran the whole damn thing. And he was so proud of me. I know he would have been proud of me even had I walked a bit, but it was oh so glorious to be able to tell him I did it.

When James told me I could stop running I doubled over and said “I… just…. have to…. look.. tired… just for a second.” He laughed and let me look tired. We walked back to his truck and I proceeded to get butt sweat all over his truck seat, also known as payback. 😉

I don’t have a photo of my exhausted victory because I wouldn’t let him take one, not that he didn’t try.

Now I have a cold coming on. I have the sore throat and the itchy ears and general crap feeling that comes with a cold. But I will live through it on the awesome feeling I still have from that victory yesterday. I didn’t know a person could feel as good as I did after that run (and subsequent hot tub).

My hip flexors are sore and my ankle is sore and my shoulders are sore but my brain is happy, happy, happy!

Today’s blog is brought to you by Hozier (twice), the letter V for Vampire, and the number 11, just ’cause that’s my number.

Love you all!


Yukon Ho!

I write to you today from an uncomfortable and inconvenient typing position on board a flight from Chicago to Portland. We are headed home and an email from my Mom and Dad the other day reminded me of this book.   


‘m a Calvin and Hobbes fan. It’s the only consistently funny comic and when Cam and I discovered we each had about 6 Calvin and Hobbes books it pretty much sealed the deal. 
But as we travel you should know that…

I did it! I can’t believe I really did it! The schedule was slightly modified from the original but it was James approved and there were only two days during the whole trip (besides the 20 hour travel days) that I did not run or walk. I didn’t skip a run because I was lazy, or grumpy, or lazy and grumpy. I didn’t shut off and ignore that voice in my head telling me to get out and run. I just fucking did it! And it feels great! 
I’m excited to be going home. I miss my guitar and my hot tub, my video games, my friends and my Jedi Master (shockingly). But honestly I could have lived without all that for a couple more weeks and stayed in SC with Andy and Heather and Cam, sorry friends ;)). What I cannot go another day without is my puppies!!! I miss them so much. They’ve been very well looked after which was a big weight off my mind but I want to get home and hug them so badly. I’ve been missing them a lot the last few days. It helped that Sullivan is ridiculous and fun and Naula likes couch snuggles. 
  Cameron with Sullivan on his lap and Naula beside. 

I had a small incident on my last run. It was a 4K to run however I wanted. I wanted to run it hard and triumphantly. The day before I left a little late at 8:30 am and it felt like I was running inside an active volcano. I do not think I have ever sweat that much! Hot! So yesterday I ate and got out the door shortly after to rip it up. Unfortunately during km 2 bad things happened. I felt really phlegmy and it was making it hard to breathe. I coughed a few times and then ran along. I couldn’t breathe well, coughed again, put my hand over my mouth for more coughing but instead my hand acted as a vomit deflector when I insta-puked all over myself. So now my shirt was covered in run puke but I felt so much better and I could breathe again. As I was 2k from the house there was only one thing to do; keep running. So I turned around and ran home. Here’s my heart rate chart for the run. Guess where the incident happened. And then where a second incident almost – but not quite – happened. 
Oh well, I still did it! It was suggested to me that my smokers lungs may be to blame along with eating too soon before my run. I could not disagree. 
I noticed two things about my running on this trip. 

  • One – It was a very hilly area and I’m starting to be able to recover my breathing from running hills while still jogging and not having to walk so much. Don’t tell James though, he’ll only make me do it more if he knows that. 
  • Two – I can think about things other than running for about 2.5k. Before this trip the only thing I could think about while running was running. And how much it sucks. And how much I hate it. The last few days I caught myself doing that but not until at least halfway through. It makes it go much faster when you think about other shit. Trust me. 

Today is travel day. I hate traveling. I like the vacationing part a lot but I hate getting there. Planes suck. Too many people in too close quarters being generally grumpy and smelly and overwhelmed. I’m not a fan of crowds which I’ll have to get over if I’m going to run amongst them at Disney I suppose. But that’s a problem for another day. Today I can hate them, and I do. I’m interested to see if I hate flying any less when I fit in the seat better. I’m going to hate a lot of things less when I’m smaller but I’m sceptical that flying will be one of them. 
We have four flights today and Cam and I were only put beside each other on the first one. We are on our second flight now and I was one row ahead of him. When the guy who was sitting beside Cameron came in I asked him if he would be willing to switch with me as he seemed to be alone. To my great relief he was super nice and said “of course” and that he could see I “obviously needed to keep an eye on him”, meaning Cam. I was so happy and when the drinks came around and he ordered a beer I told the flight attendant I wanted to pay for it. She asked why and I told her how he has switched with me so I could sit with my husband and I was so grateful it was the least I could do. When she got back to my row and she got me my drink I passed her my visa. She told me she wasn’t going to charge me for his drink cause it was so nice, then she gave me my card back and said “well shoot I’m not gonna charge you for yours either darlin”. And the next time she came around she just got me another rum and waved off the visa I produced (possibly from my bra? Makes a great airplane pocket – log that tip away ladies) again. Nice! So it pays to pay it forward… Or backward in this case 😉 
We have another hour on this flying sardine can of discomfort and misery and then a short hop to Vancouver and finally, Yukon Ho! 
I woke up with a sore throat today which has not gotten better throughout the day and is not helping the travel grumps. My bed will be glorious tonight in all its tempurpedic majesty. 
There is no rest for the wicked and tomorrow I’m meeting James for a run which I am looking forward to believe it or not. I may regret saying that, but it’s true. I’d rather be running with him right now and barely breathing and legs burning than on this effing plane. I should remember that in the middle of it tomorrow. James if I’m whining, throw that one at me. 
So here’s to great trips, good karma and happy home comings! I have my Gamecocks shirt on and I’m ready to wing it the rest of the way home!



A Southern Education

Last night we had an epic birthday party for Heather. It was at a beautiful house on the lake and we met a ton of great southern people, who are apparently the nicest people on earth. 

Here is the view from the deck with the party tent in the back yard. Unfortunatley it was hella-raining but we just took the party inside, although the boys did go stand in the party tent for about five minutes just so they could say that they used it. 

Southern girls can party and they sure love to dance. There was a great DJ and the girls danced the night away. That’s not really my scene so I sat outside with the boys and watched the show through the glass doors while they gave me a southern education. It was so much fun. I did try to cross the dance floor a few times and quickly got pulled into the circle with the southern belles and let me tell you when they’ve got a few drinks in them they get… handsy. 😉

Here are some of my observations about people in the south. Some I learned from the boys last night and some just from watching and learning. 

  • You can say just about anything about anyone as long as you follow it with “bless their heart”. This is an actual thing. 
  • Refering to people as darlin, or honey is pretty much compulsory and they manage to do it without sounding the tiniest bit condescending. When someone calls you darlin here, you love it. 
  • About 80% of drivers that pass you when you’re running wave to you, it is a constant wave fest.
  • People you pass on the street (again while running) say hi, then many of them ask “how you doin darlin?” and seem like they really want to know.
  • You must have a college football team and have their sticker on your car. A car looks naked without a football sticker on it.
  • Y’all, all y’all, and y’alls are words.
  • The accents, oh the glorious accents. I love them. And I must admit that after only a week and a half I’ve already caught myself drawling the occasional word. I’m prepared for much and more ridicule when I get home. 

Now back to the running. After my two days off at the beach I got up early on the last day there to catch the sunrise and get a hard run in before we left. I hit the road and it was one of those days when everything came together. My head was in the game, my legs felt good, and I had the perfect running playlist for an early run. My route was flat and straight and I was ready to push it. I ended up with a personal best and I felt awesome the whole time. 


I was faster every km and that is the first time I’ve ever done that. I also didn’t walk at all for the first time. I stopped once to take a quick photo during km 2 and then once for about 30 seconds at km 2.1 to take this sunrise shot. 

The challenge will be recreating this run back in Whitehorse where is isn’t nearly so warm and so… sea level, lol.

The sun is out today and I’ve already done my scheduled walk. I have two more days here and that means two more SC runs. Then a travel day, one day off (although I’ll bet a run is on the menu) and then back to work and normal life. 

I’ve chosen my football team. The local team is the South Carolina Gamecocks and any team with such a hilarious name is the team for me. So I’ll be home in a few days with great memories, a little bit of a drawl, a nice tan, running success and my Gamecocks gear. 

Go Cocks!

P.S. Before we came here I put up a photo of Myrtle Beach that I found on the Internet. Cam took one that is almost identical but I think even better. Here they are. The top photo is the one I found and the bottom is Cam’s. 


Changing Tides

This was my view from the beach at 8:00 this morning. Yesterday I went shopping with Heather on her birthday and we threw gold doubloons at peasants at the outlet mall. Although today was technically a day off my new shoes, tights, sports bras and tops along with the view and the weather made we want to run. I was shocked that I wanted to run. My tides are finally changing. 

Unfortunatley you should not run in new shoes, tights, sports bra and top all at once. I now recommend only using one new piece of gear at a time. We don’t need all the gory details here but lets say sometimes you need body glide in places you never thought you would and you should only find out about that in one place at a time. 

I thought that bright and early the beach would be very quiet and nice and cool. I was wrong and very wrong. There were one million people around and it was one million degrees. I think I’d have to get out there at about 5:30 for those things to be true. 

I started running on the hard packed sand near the water thinking it would be pretty solid, and it was. Pudgy Princesses, however, still sink in it when they run. The sand near the water was also slanted on quite an angle at this part of the beach and the uphill leg was working much harder than the downhill leg. There were a few runners on the flatter part of the beach farther from the water and I tested that out too but there was even more sinking. My run quickly turned into a walk. I was ok with that though. It was a day off and it was the most beautiful walk of my life. 

I also saw this!

Unlike the last shark photo I posted which of course was not real, this one I can guarantee is because I took that photo myself. Theres a lot of people out on the beach fishing and this dude caught a fricking shark! I was already a little nervous about getting in the ocean because I’m afraid of sharks. I’m pretty sure this one got a good look at me while he was being released. He gave me the “I’m coming for you later” eye. 


He’s now out there waiting for me. I’ll probably get in there even so because it’s already 24 degrees and it’s October! Fuck that shark. 

I walked down the beach for 2k and then got off and went over to the street behind the houses and hotels for a little running. After a short distance I thought “wtf am I doing?” and got back on the beach. I didn’t want to look at the backs of houses when the beach and ocean was 100m away, that was dumb. I still got a good calorie burn and got some great views and photos to go with it. When I got back everyone was still asleep and I felt pretty smug about getting out and back before my people had stirred.

Tonight we’re going to the Pirate’s Voyage dinner and show which I’m really excited about. Tomorrow morning I have a real run to do. I’m going to have to head out on the road for a hard 4k and I’m gonna giver. I need to get out early before it’s one million degrees. After that it’s mini golf (love!), seafood buffet and then we’ll be saying goodbye to the beach and heading back to the house. 

Here’s a optimistic pre run shot of my new shoes on the beach which shortly after got filled with sand and regret. Bare feet are better for beach walks. They’re my first pair of new balance. Asics are my favorite but these have great reviews and I thought I’d try something new. Plus they’re pretty, which is essential and second only to quality. 


 I still can’t believe I’m running on vacation but it’s a sign of my changing tides. I feel great compared to the tired, burned out, blah feeling I’ve had on other vacations by this time and it’s so worth it! It’s not wasting my time to get out there for an hour-ish every day. It’s making my other hours better and that is awesome x 1000 ;).