Soreness and New Kicks

My ankles (and most of my other parts) are still sore from my first “run” the other day! I don’t want to whine, but I do want to look back at this post a year and half from now and remember how far I have come. So remember self, how sore you felt after a 30 min run walk that got you not quite 3km around your neighborhood. Remember how hard it was to breathe and keep going for those 1 minute runs and how you barely had your breath back after the minute and half of walking in between.

I have small ankles. They’re actually my favorite feature because they refuse to get chubby with the rest of me! They look delicate compared to everything else and possibly slightly disproportional… but that’s ok, they’re cute (to me anyway)! Maybe as a result of this and definitely because of the weight they’re carrying they are killing after that run. Thought I’d do session 2 today but the ankles said no dice! Almost keeled over when I got out of bed this morning and stood on them 3 days after session 1.

I picked up a pair of new shoes yesterday. I have been wearing Nike Flyknit Free shoes for a while now for walking. They fit great and I really like them but they have a very thin sole. I am running on a super old chip sealed road and I could feel every rock. I also think at my weight that I need more cushion. So I got a pair of Asics Gel-Cumulus 17 and they’re very comfortable so far. More thoughts on these guys after my first run with them.


Disney Crew Update

I have another friend who wants to come to the Princess half with me, and one more who I think is about 90% in and I will win her over!! I know she’ll read this… so Princess Sweatsalot, get that tutu ready and get on the road. Still 18 months to go! Also my parents are going to come and watch and I’m hoping to get my brother on board to run with me if I can. He’d probably prefer the Star Wars run but maybe I can do a tradsies with him and go to that one if he’ll princess it up with me.

So that brings the crew to (blog nicknames initiate!):

  • Princess Pudgy
  • Prince Svelte – my husband and future drink around the world at Epcot champion.
  • Princess America – the original challenger and the only American on the crew… (I will give you the chance to change your nickname if you read this… text me!)
  • Princess Ear Handles (her husband got to choose her name, lol!) – a real runner who could probably bust out a half marathon tomorrow, no big deal. I’m super glad she’s coming!
  • Prince Handlebar (an ode to the mustache) – Ear Handles husband who is going to drink around with world at Epcot with Svelte while we run, or maybe after we run, or both.
  • Princess Sweatsalot (90% in) – one of my favorite people on earth. I’m including her cause I know she’s gonna cave in and come for the good times.
  • Prince Fuzz – Sweatsalot’s husband (You also get a chance to change your name, and drink around the world)
  • The King and Queen – my parents, coming to cheer me on, yay!
  • Prince Hupp (hopefully) – my brother who has already lost well over 100lbs and is a huge inspiration to me.

The runners are in green, although I hope to add Hupp and mayyyybe Fuzz to the running list. I think drinking around the world with the boys sounds pretty fun though. It might pull him away from the run. It’s looking good so far, now just have to put in the hard work to get there. Easy peasy right girls??

Until next time


The Beginning of the Road


This picture is a good approximation of my current look. Those apples should probably be some french fries though… I’m pretty sure I’m mostly made of potato.

Fast facts:

  • I am 33 years old.
  • I do not currently run. At all. Not even a tiny bit.
  • In 18 months I will run the 2017 Disney Princess half marathon.
  • Before that I will lose 100lbs.

I love my life. It’s seriously awesome. I’m a very happy person with a crazy fun and supportive husband, 2 cool dogs, a great house and a job I love that pays me well and I am good at. The one thing that sucks serious balls is the weight I’ve let myself get to. I have zero excuse. I have a lot of time to spare for working out and I’m very happy. I don’t know why I feel the need to put so much food in me but something’s gotta give here, and it’s going to be my joints if I don’t make a change.

The Goal –  2017 Disney Princess half marathon.

I LOVE Disney. My parents took me there quite a bit as a kid and I’ve returned a few times as an adult and it just gets better. Last month my (fit) friend challenged me to run the Princess half with her and it clicked with me. THIS could be my goal. A reason to weasel another Disney trip out of my husband and do something great for myself at the same time. Any other half I wouldn’t even have though twice before saying no to her. She’s sneaky that one…

We went to Disney World in October 2014 and it was both amazing and terrible. Amazing cause it’s Disney and we had so much fun. Terrible because my feet and ankles swelled up from so much walking that I was not accustomed to and my right leg started doing this numbness/burning pain thing that would kick in after walking for about 5 minutes and stick around after I stopped. This problem definitely wasn’t there at the beginning of the trip but by the end it barely went away. It would have happened wherever I was but since it kicked in at Disney it will feel like I’ve really come full circle when I return triumphantly.

I don’t want to vomit too much information at you (not that I expect anyone to read this but me, you never do know though) because I can’t stand reading super long blogs. I’ll leave it there for today and see my vast reader base of one again tomorrow!